The City I Love

There may be endless issues that people point out about SF. Lots of them may be quite accurate but this is a city that will always be close to my heart. It is the first U.S. city that I stepped foot in, in my life. It is where I found myself enjoying the grand diversity of people, culture, architecture, landscape, etc. I believe this is the city that sparked my passion for culture, language, art, and really everything that I enjoy today. From all the museums, and history around the city to the people from SF I have had the privilege to meet.

Labor Day

I had the spare of the moment idea to go out to the city, as this was the one place within 100 miles of where I was that had the best air quality. 2020 has been a year from hell for so many people in so many places. Sometimes you want to take the battle head on, and other times you just want to escape even for a minute. This was a day that I needed a break from the heat, the air, and my surroundings. I grabbed my gear and drove up to SF. This is where I shot a good bundle of photos with the haze in the background. The city is where I renew my energy and feel better about everything in life. It is a place that gives me motivation, peace, and refreshing view on my own perspective.

Note: These are minimally edited, some straight out of my Fuji XT-3.

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