Corperate Headshots

15 - 40 People
Pre-shoot visit to see location.
Lighting provided upon request.
Full retouches upon request.
Custom file exports to suit
website/printing needs.
Custom Reqests

Contact me - Starting @ 450

Office Headshots

up to 2 Hour Total Session
Min 5 People - Max 15 People
2-10 mins /Person
2-3 High Resolution Jpgs /Person
In-office or outside within premises
Online private gallery
Minor Retouches

50% initial payment required to book session, balance due after shoot.

~ 375 ~

Classic Headshots

30 Minute Session
1 Outfits
1 Location
3 High Resolution Jpgs
Professionally Retouched
Turn around usually within 48 hours.
Proofing on site or gallery available, upon request

50% initial payment required to book session, balance due after shoot.

~ 180 ~


What's your workflow?

Initial contact.
Any clarifications via email, if needed.
Contract sent out to client.
Contract signed by both parties.
Initial payment 50% is due upon signing, to reserve my time.
50% final payment due day of shoot.
Photos sent to client.

Who comes to the shoot?

I typically shoot solo. Depending on the shoot, I may opt to bring an assistant for larger shoots. You are welcome to bring someone with you as long as they do not interfere with the shoot, ie. start taking photos on their phone, keep interrupting the shoot for any reason. This just leads to a bad experience for everyone. If you have any additional questions about this just let me know.

What's your turn around time?

I aim to turn around photos as quickly as possible. Same day/Next day, when possible. I do have a busy schedule and ask you to be patient up to 2 weeks time. It is very rare that I take over 7 days.
Fun fact: A single photo edit takes 20 mins - 1 hour to complete.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

My day is usually planned pretty tightly. Shoots tend to stay within specified time frame +/- 10 mins. Don't worry 60 mins is usually enough time to get at least 80 - 160 shots off. That's usually enough to pick 10 perfect ones from.

What happens if I'm late

Contact me if you know you're running late. Client must arrive no later than 10 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, or it will be treated as a no show.

What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot either Nikon D750 or FujiFilm XT-3 depending on the shoot. Typically, I stay within a 50-120mm focal length. I have a gear page linked in the navigation.

Do you offer custom packages??

If you have a specific idea of how many images you want, how long you need photo coverage, or have any specific requests please let me know. We will build you a package that meets your needs.

What should I wear?

This is up to you. Please keep the location in mind and feel free to ask me for recommendations of colors or style depending your desired result.

Will you shoot events?

I will usually only shoot small events with up to 30 people, in natural lighting. Photos will be delivered minimally edited only corrected for color balance and exposure. Contact me for pricing.

Can I order prints through you?

As these days you can get high quality prints made affordably with many labs. I do NOT offer prints. This would be a disservice to get prints made just to up-charge them to you. I will however let you know exactly where I would get them made.

Do you shoot weddings?

I do not currently, nor am I planning on shooting weddings. It is just not my style of shooting. On the other hand, if you would like a styled shoot, pre-post wedding, I would be happy to discuss that.

Can I get the RAW files from you?

I do not share my RAWs with clients as they are not a finished product. Just like you would not go to a 5 star restaurant and order a steak raw, to go. The service includes the creative process of the edits.
If you are an aspiring photographer, we can talk about it.

Why do you require intial payment?

This secures your time slot to not be advertised to others and insures you are committed to making the shoot happen.

How do I get my photos after the shoot?

After the shoot, the we go into post-production mode. Photos get sorted, processed, and selects are made by the photographer. You will be informed when photos are ready for proofing and/or download.
Clients get a customized gallery to look over their photos and download their images. If you'd like photo sent directly to you, we can arrange a transfer link in lieu of the gallery.

What if I want to select my best shots?

That works too! We can provide a gallery of the shots the photographer deems acceptable for your selection of the best shots. Only those shots will be completely edited. Please note: This does delay the turnaround time usually by a few days depending how fast the client makes their selections.

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