Branding and Design

From branding kits to visual media designs, let's talk about your needs.

This is highly dependent on your business. Set up a consult call to go over your needs and see what we can create together.

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Brand and/or Design

Send in a contact form with your needs and what you already have or ideas you're inspired by to get started.

Brand Marketing Content Audit and/or Workshop

Full evaluation of all your content and/or strategy. PDF of detailed plan for improvement. This will be customized for your needs and can be utilized as you need. We can work on creating guides, templates, content calendars, etc.

Hands-on Workshops

Shoot workshop

1 hour shoot with me to help you master composition, settings, lighting, etc.

Editing workshop

1 hour Photoshop and/or camera raw editing one-on-one. Settings, color grading, retouching, frequency separation, etc.

Website Consult

Guided 1-2 hour evaluation of your website, content, and SEO with you.

Create a detailed plan for improvement on site performance.

Photo Editing

Retouches, color grade, or visual edits of any kind.

Send me a request with a link to the photos for a quote.

Photos must be high resolution or RAWs.

Group Sessions

Session photography for groups of 2-7 people.

Event / Corporate Shooting

Priced via half/full day rate. Post-processing available separately.

Let's set up a time to chat.