Well I did not think I'd do this again...

Previously, I had some bad experiences with prints. Their quality was good but there were aspects to the platforms that were not sustainable and quite honestly, frustrating. As a photographer, prints are something that either works or does not work for most photographer's business models. As I don't currently have the largest audience, it is hard for me to find a good way to sell prints that doesn't end up costing me more per print than I make from them.

New year, new platform?

I think prints are a very special thing that really take appreciation. A photographer who prints their work, usually takes their art more seriously. It prints a different sense of reality to their work. Not to say there are not perfectly amazing photographers who never print, there are, I know some personally. Nonetheless, seeing a print of your work creates a presence of surrealism in an artists mind. The first prints I remember making is from film cameras, back in the day. Remember those? Film. Something I shall return to eventually when I have the resources to do it right, but that's another story.

Why I Love This!

Absolutely, by far, the easiest photo print solution I've ever encountered. Am I sponsored? Hell no. Just love it.

It is not a have-all platform but for those with a sizable audience or strong network, it is powerful. You just have to market it yourself. That is the hard part. Creating a store full of images takes less than half an hour.

Want to start your own print shop??

If you're a photographer who wants to start selling prints. I would highly recommend checking this site out. (Click the button below). It is a totally free platform. There is an upgraded version with a few more features if you want to make this into a higher volume business. You can use my promo code for a free month of the upgrade: KONFRAMEZ-946549

So here they are!

I will periodically be adding/switching out photos.

This platform is optimized for mobile! So perfect for those with social followings.

Click the button below.