Well I didn't think I'd do this so soon...

Coming from my last hosted website, I had some bad experiences with prints. Their quality was great and customer service was great but there were aspects to the model that were not sustainable and quite honestly, frustrating. As a photographer, prints are something that either works or does not work for most photographer's business models. As I don't currently have the largest audience, it is hard for me to find a good way to sell prints that doesn't end up costing me more per print than I make from them.

Here we are again. This time, I have found a platform that has the tools I need to make this sustainable.

I have started to collect images that I find special to me to sell as prints. Some are limited runs, for that very reason. I think prints are a very special thing that really take appreciation. A photographer who prints their work, usually takes their art more seriously. It prints a different sense of reality to their work. Not to say there are not perfectly amazing photographers who never print, there are, I know some personally. Nonetheless, seeing a print of your work creates a presence of surrealism in an artists mind. The first prints I remember making is from film cameras, back in the day. Remember those? Film. Something I shall return to eventually when I have the resources to do it right, but that's another story.

Want to start your own print shop??

If you're a photographer who wants to start selling prints. I would highly recommend checking this site out. (Click the button below)

So here they are!

I will periodically be adding/switching out photos. I would say about 1-2 times a month.

Click the button or scroll down. (Opening in new window best for some mobile devices.)