About Me - Konstantin Braverman

Hello there! My name is Konstantin. I have always had a passion for photography, cinema and the ability to tell a visual story, in various forms. I picked up my first camera when I was in about 5th grade and since that, there has always been this drive in me to capture moments in life, whether it be motion or stills. I believe it is vital for everyone to be present in each moment and capture them in order to be able to relive them.

In 2017, I graduated San Francisco State University with a BA in Cinema. I'd like to say that I see the world in a different perspective, always noticing what is "in the frame" or "out of the frame." Having worked with and around people of all ages since high school time, I am no stranger to working with people; this gives me a bit of a unique approach to capture moments for people of all age.

-Konstantin Braverman

If you want to talk about portraits, collaborations, anything else related to my business, please don't hesitate to contact me!


PS. If you would like to show some support for my work please visit my ko-fi page.

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